Meet Our Staff

Hello, I’m Shelly Rose, Licensed Nurse and Certified Thermographic Technician. My journey in healthcare began as a certified nursing assistant in 1999, which led me into emergency medicine and nursing school. I’m in my 16th year as a Licensed Practical Nurse and 25th year in the medical field.

My path into alternative medicine was inspired by a desire for holistic wellness. Approximately 11 years ago, I started embracing holistic treatments for my family, awakening to the risks associated with Big Pharma. Unfortunately, cancer has touched my family deeply, with losses to brain and prostate cancer, among others. Personally, I faced dense breast tissue and fibrocystic breast disease. After multiple unnecessary mammograms, I was eager to discover a radiation-free alternative: Thermography.

Hot Shots Thermography, our five-year-old dream turned reality, aims to provide Radiation-Free Medical Infrared Imaging. Thermography, a noninvasive technique, records changes in surface skin temperature using an infrared camera, creating a thermogram that aids in the multi-modal approach of diagnosing various health conditions. This method can assist in early cancer detection, vascular disease assessment, rheumatology, fever detection, neuromusculoskeletal disorders, thyroid disorders, and inflammatory conditions.

I believe in medical freedom, recognizing that both alternative and traditional Western medicine have their place. My extensive medical experience and personal journey with chronic health issues allow me to offer well-rounded insights into healing modalities. At Hot Shots, we don’t just provide safe, radiation-free imaging; we also offer free health coaching, referrals to other practitioners, and guidance on various wellness approaches. My goal is to ensure that no one feels lost or alone on their wellness journey. The most rewarding aspect of my work is educating women about safe health screening options and helping individuals reduce their cancer risk. The peace of mind and clarity my patients gain through radiation-free imaging is truly priceless. I firmly believe that Safe Scans Save Lives.

Shelly Rose
Shelly Rose LPN, CTT